in the dresden universe there are certain things that are always true. here are a few

  • if you have supernatural power, you owe it to someone else – all supernatural powers come from a sponsor. you dont get powers for free. there always seems to be some sort of symbiotic relationships when it comes to the dresden world. which comes to truism #2
  • Great powers use others as pawns they never directly interact with each other- if you are a supernatural powerhouse you never interact directly with another. its always through other people. so if you run into a powerhouse either something went terribly wrong or you owe that being something terrible.
  • There are no “levels” – Everything in the supernatural world is more powerful then you. your only hope is to think of something good, use teamwork to take it down, run away, or kiss your ass goodbye.
  • Everything is by the letter of the law. there is no spirit of the law.
  • Word is bond!! if you promiss something to a supernatural being you must keep your word. so dont throw that around like its nothing. it works the other way around too. in the books this could be a promiss not to hurt each other until the next morning. think of it as a time out that everyone has to follow.
  • if you break your promiss then they have control over you. not like truism #1 i mean full “your my puppet” control until things are even. they can only make you do what you promissed but if that means you had to kill three people to get that apple for her…
  • They can’t lie. but they have thousands of years of knowing how to get around the truth so dont think they are speaking the god honest truth either.
  • dont accept a gift or you will owe them something in return. remember you get nothing for free in the supernatural world.
  • Monsters have nature, mortals have choice – Monsters follow their hunger. Mortals make choices that can sink or swim.

Truisms for 1932 (watching old movies and movies about that time i noticed some “Aspects”)

  • Social graces are still around – You dont attack the bad guys unless they are doing something bad. what i mean by then is that everyone has a level of respect for each other. if you run into your arch nemesis at a club you have a “polite” talk with him, maybe even order him a beer. you wouldnt even think of attacking him. even if you know he did something. you cant do anything unless he is in the middle of doing it.
  • the bad guy will usully ask you over for dinner, and it wont be a trap! – the join me or die speech will come up but he will feed you well and send you on your way. then maybe send a hitman in the morning after you. but not while at his place.
  • Gentlemen and Ladies are just that – men act accordenly
  • all men are not created equal – you can be judged on by the color of your skin.


Dresden Files 1932 DMChrisP