Samantha Reed

News Reporter from New York


Samantha or commonly known as Sam, is a Reporter for the New York Times. She has assumptions that there are things out there that goes bump in the night and needs to find out if its true.
Motivation: Needs to know the truth

Home Town: New York
High Concept: Does what needs to be done to get the scoop
Trouble: i am not crazy i saw a werewolf eating a zombie

you thought i was a guy? Most people do!
Just a little farther i can almost see it
Front Page here i come!
damsel in distress? Please!
if i can just prove the supernatural exsist

+4: Investigation
+3: Presence, Contacts
+2: Deciet, Rapport, Alertness
+1: Intimidation, Lore, Guns, Stealth


Paranoid? Probably. (Alertness): Gain +2 to Alertness when rolling against surprise.

Ear to the Ground (Contacts): You have your fingers on the pulse of things, with plenty of friends who can give you a heads up. The difficulty of any Getting the Tip-Off (page 124) roll is reduced by two.

I Know Just the Guy (Contacts): When you’re looking to gather some information from your network of contacts, you have unerring instincts for finding the right person, fast. When using the Gathering Information trapping (page 123), your efforts are at a +1 and are 1 time increment (page 315) faster.

Pin the Tail (Investigation): You’re a tough person to shake once you get on someone’s trail. Gain +2 to your
Investigation rolls when trying to keep track of a target during Surveillance (page 133). When
Shadowing someone using Stealth, you may use Investigation to complement (page 214) your Stealth skill.

Sex Appeal (Rapport): Folks attracted to people of your gender cannot help but notice you. You’ve got “it.” Receive a +2 to the roll on any seduction attempts you make with Rapport, provided that the target is someone who could be receptive to your advances.

Total Starting Refresh: +3
Total Refresh Cost: -5


Samantha Reed

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