Sam Scott

Veteran of the Great War, Grifter extraordinaire


High Concept: Grifter Extraordinaire: The Man Everyone Believes
Trouble: Reckless
Template: Pure Mortal

Phase Aspects

  • Shadowy Benefactor
  • Always credible; always convincing
  • War Buddies
  • Slippery
  • Sometimes Violence Does Solve Things


  • Deceit – Superb
  • Presence – Great
  • Rapport – Great
  • Intimidation – Good
  • Scholarship – Good
  • Alertness – Fair
  • Investigation – Fair
  • Empathy – Fair
  • Guns – Average
  • Driving – Average
  • Fists – Average
  • Resources – Average
  • Stealth – Average

Born just after midnight on 1 JAN 1900, Sam and his twin sister, Susan, grew up in a blue-collar family near Philadelphia. Both siblings excelled in school, a gift their parents greatly appreciated considering the sacrifices they made to keep them out of the workplace. The twins were awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Bentford Academy, and both excelled in their studies there, Sam pursuing an accelerated program that enabled him to complete his college preparatory work by the time he was just 17 and a few months.

Shortly thereafter, the United States declared war on Germany, and Sam – along with so many others in his generation – were swept up in a wave of patriotism, and enlisted, in search of exciting jobs before the draftees filled the ranks. Sam, due to his test scores, was assigned to Military Intelligence, and was sent to France with the AEF late in 1917 to being coordinating with the Allied armies. It was while he was overseas that he learned of the tragic house fire that took his family – both his parents, and apparently his twin sister, as well.

Unable to get home to attend the funerals, Sam was instead posted to an aviation squadron as a camera operator, a job he through himself into to ease the pain of his loss. It was during one of his many daring flights with ace pilot Martin Kincaide, that Sam was shot down (Martin, too!), and captured by the Germans…

Sam Scott

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