Joan of Arc

One of the three Knights of the Cross


She is the current holder of Esperacchius (sword of hope)
Motivation: Good, God’s Will
Home Town: Paris

High Concept: Champion of the Cross
Trouble: Woman in a Man’s World

Lady of the sword
I am a woman, so treat me as one
Right place, Right time
I can do anything you can do, but better
in over my head

+5: Conviction, Presence
+4: Weapons, Athletics
+3: Scholarship, Endurance
+2: Lore, Empathy, Alertness
+1: Resources, Rapport, Stealth, Performance, Investigation

Riposte (Weapon): On a successful defense with Weapons, you may sacrifice your next action to turn that defense into an immediate and automatically successful attack.
Personal Magnetism (Presence): You have a calm confidence that others find appealing. When rolling
Presence to establish a “passive” reaction to you (Charisma, page 136), make the roll at +2.

Bless This House (-1)
Guide my hand (-1)
Holy Touch (-1)
Righteousness (-2)
Sword of the Cross (-3)

Total Refresh Cost: -10


Joan of Arc

Dresden Files 1932 DMChrisP