Ian's Dad

Ian's dad, oh and one of the best Wardens right now


Father to Ian Montgomery, He is well known among the Wizards as one of the best Wardens.

High Concept: Second in command of the Wardens
Trouble: My son is not a law breaker
Mercy has no place in the Law
Combat Veteran
Children must be protected
Zealotry in the Cause of Justice
Father of Ian
+5: Conviction, Weapons
+4: Discipline, Intimidation, Lore, Resources
+3: Alertness, Athletics, Endurance, Presence, Contacts
+2: Deceit, Empathy, Fists, Investigation, Scholarship
+1: Stealth, Might, Rapport, Survival, Craftsmanship, Burglary

Evocation (-3)
Thaumaturgy (-3)
The Sight (-1)
Soulgaze (-0)
Wizards Constitution (-0)
Refinement (-6)

Evocation: Elements (Earth, Fire, Spirit)
Control (Earth + 3, Fire + 2, Spirit + 1)
Power (Earth + 2, Fire + 1, Spirit + 1)

Enchanted Items:
Warden Sword: Weapon:3, 3/Session – Counts as Weapon:6 or +6 counterspell

Total Refresh Cost: – 13


Ian's Dad

Dresden Files 1932 DMChrisP