Dresden Files 1932

Opening the Box Seemed Like a Good Idea

Days at the office tend to be of two types: either we sit around and do paperwork; or we get sent out on some errand that will, given some time in the field, generate lots of paperwork. Today was of the latter variety.

Hannover told us we were to investigate a break-in at the Museum of Natural History, and from the outset it seemed pretty routine – probably only warranted federal involvement because of all the permits attached to artifacts on loan from other countries. Anyway, Kincaide and I headed down there early and to see what the deal was, and were immediately met with some security guard who thought he was a G-Man…wait, I thought that was us? Anyway, we got the interview with Bob, the seeming dupe, and a list of the things stolen – artifacts supposedly from Moses’ tomb. That was worth noticing.

Bob’s story – with people walking through walls – was a little odd, sure, but for our experience not out of the realm of possible, so we called our…associates…to assist with things that might range beyond the typical list of perps and perp-generated behaviors.

Gandalf’s pretty straightforward…no nonsense from that one, and I have to admit that he keeps me on my toes – makes me think. He said he was some auras, or something along those lines, and that there might have even been some leftover evidence, in the form of coins, from the possible perps. Regardless, it seemed like Bob’s strange tale might not have been so strange after all.

After brushing some local cops aside we were met in the alley by Samantha Reed, and everything went pretty well downhill from there. First, she’s cute. Perky in look and demeanor. And so irritatingly persistent that she pretty much negates those qualities, settling in my mind as a royal pain in my neck. Kinkaide, on the other hand, can’t keep his eyes off her, and since he is the Creator’s gift to all women, we always get stuck with his booze-scented charm getting spread around like mayo. And like a few months back, when were were trying to keep that smuggling operation at the docks quiet, she ended up tagging along and making things difficult for us all.

Sly, who is anything but, had to get under her skin, as usual – but this time took it too far when he licked the broad! Who does that? So she’s three sheets to the wind, Sly’s cracking door frames with the chip on his shoulder, Gandalf’s trying to see the magical world side of things – whatever that means – and Kincaide’s chapped because Sami’s cross-eyed.

Off to the Plaza to find the Sanchez, or Bracomonte, or Mendez or whatever brothers, and then we find that box. And like I said, it seemed like a good idea – I mean, it’s a box, right? A dark, closed box. It’s in the room of the creeps were trying to find, and the place is torn to pieces, and yet the box, hidden, is closed. Evidence, anyone? Keys to the kingdom? If you want what’s inside, bub, you need…to…open it. So I did.

How could I have known? Who stores something like that in a box and leaves it in a hotel room? Oggie and Gandalf carried their weight, as usual – you should have seen how Oggie wrestled that bug and took the stings. Gutsy? Dumb? I don’t know: not me. All I know aside from the relative skill bug removal skills of the Keystone Cops with whom I associate, is that the Brothers need to be found and put through the process. And who ever worked over the room? We should figure them out, too, and see if they need a piece of the process, too.

That’s all I’m saying. I think we were smart to get out of the hotel before security and management showed up. Glad I didn’t leave our office number or card with them…



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