Dresden Files 1932

Take that, Nazi demon thing!

The Nazis set the time and place, and we set our trap. At least, we came up with a plan for a trap. Ian and Sam would stand in the open, and feign a negotiation while the rest of the team, including Joan, would lie in wait, looking for a way to jump the Krauts when the time was right. What we didn’t expect is for them to show up by water, and in a submarine, to boot. Their leader had Sammie tied up, and drugged, and he brought four armed goons with him. He wasn’t a very good negotiator, though, and Sam was able to get and keep his attention long enough for Ian to build up the fog, and the others to get closer.

Their leader got tired of being bested by Sam’s clever talk, and eventually kicked Sammie over the ledge, then ordered his men to open fire. That’s when things kind of fell apart. Jonathan Sean McKowl threw boxes. Sam Scott fired his pistol, to some small effect. Captain Ian Montgomery fired off cones of cold, ice shackles, and other spells. Sly attacked their leader. Joan of Arc went after one of the goons, with a sword! Basically, chaos ensued.

Were it not for the demon inside their leader, and their machineguns, I think we would have made shorter work of them. In the end, Joan of Arc’s sword did the job, slicing open the demon that had ripped its way out of the head Nazi. We dropped some of the goons, and unfortunately some of them got away – somehow making their way back to the submarine in all the commotion…lousy harbor police were too flat-footed to stop them.

Now, you might be wondering where Martin Kinkaide was in all this. We figured that we needed a get-away driver…doesn’t every team?…and left him hidden, in the car, on a street nearby. I guess I thought that the prolonged gunfire would draw his attention, but it seems that he, instead, had attracted the attention of a young(ish) lady who just happened to be wandering the street at 3am, and had become busy ‘helping’ her in the backseat of the car. That is, until a beat cop walked by and found the two, and arrested Marty for soliciting and retaining the services of a prostitute.

I suppose the next adventure will be deciding on whether or not to pay Marty’s bail.



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