Dresden Files 1932

Punching that guy seemed like a good idea, too

I don’t understand why people choose to be so unreasonable. Did I have a beef with the bartender or his illegal establishment? No. Did I make that clear? Absolutely. So the guy threatens to shoot me? If that doesn’t deserve a sock in the mouth, nothing does. I’m glad my buddies were there to back me up, and we did a fine job of clearing the place out, and tracking down the Spaniards.

Those two, for their part, were a lot more reasonable than the bartender. We know there are Nazis involved in the theft, and we know they want their items – and so they went and took Samantha Reed hostagae so that we give them their stuff. Look, she’s a nice lady and all, but…

Okay, so we can’t let them kill her. So instead we’re going to get armed to the teeth, enlist some NYPD officers, and stake out the warehouse where they’re supposed to meet us at 3am…then we ambush them. Since I seem to have lost my mojo for talk, I’ll rely on the Thompson to do the convincing for me.



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