Dresden Files 1932

1932 Has Been an Ugly Year

...take your pick...

Here’s a list of some of the finer points of 1932, a year of wonder for the world:

  • Japan occupies parts of China, and friction between Japan and the United States grows; Japanese militarists try to overthrow the gov’t there by assassinating the prime minister – they fail, and get slap-on-the-wrist punishments
  • The Soviet Union is hell-bent on industrialization, to the point that it’s rationing food in order to export crops to raise money to pay for industrial equipment & initiatives
  • Unemployment & economy-relateed unrest in the United States grow, to the point that people are killed in some riots across the country; the Hoover administration, although trying to cope with decifit spending and the raising of taxes, is seen as ineffectual
  • US WW1 veterans occupy the nat’l mall during the summer, protesting their economic hardship and looking for money from the gov’t
  • The Nazis gain power in Germany, to the point that in the fall, Hitler is negotiating with the president for what is expected to be his all but certain rise to power

While we don’t know yet exactly when during the year we’ll begin, there is a great deal of strife and angst across the developed world, to say nothing of the shadow/arcane world behind the scenes.



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